*There is no fee for membership

                                    Members are those who attend five or more meetings in one year and

                                    participate in some activities helping to raise awareness about patient safety 

Empowering Patients and Health Care Professionals, One Community at a Time

Why Wait for the Next Conference - Start a PPS in Your Community!

About Professionals for Patient Safety
Professionals for Patient Safety are members of the health care workforce (current or retired), patient advocates, 

people who care for others as caregivers and all community members who have experience with the health care system

who want to empower patients and their families to navigate the healthcare system for safe, quality care.

As a PPS member you will use your  knowledge and experiences to educate members of the public and each other

during our discussions, about patient safety and best practices. You will help them, and each other learn to navigate

the healthcare system to achieve the best possible outcomes. Meetings of like-minded individuals explore concerns, real stories and solutions

to empower the public. If you care about patients, and want to talk about, and learn more about patient safety, you

want to join us and participate. For meeting times and information call (516) 579-4711.

To invite, or be a speaker on any number of patient safety topics including medication safety, health literacy, hospital acquired infections, communication and much more, call or e-mail  Please call: (516) 579-4711 to learn more and find out about our next meeting on Long Island. Most meetings are the second Monday night of the month in Freeport.

Meeting start with introductions, topic for discussion or guest speaker and anyone who has a patient safety concern is encouraged to share what is on their mind. To be respectful of each other, we follow these simple rules: At Pulse We.................

Individual speakers, workshops, round table discussions and symposiums are available on a variety of topics.

Contact Pulse CPSEA to arrange a professional speaker to come to your community or to present to your organization or if you would like to come to the next meeting to present to the PPS 516-579-4711.

*To be considered a member, you should plan to attend at least five meetings a year and participate in some committee work.


Marissa Abram, PhD, PMHNP-BC CASAC
Ilene Corina
Leslie Farrington, MD
Andrea Goldstein, RN, MS
Beverly R. James, RN, BSN
Eva O’Brien, RN
Clemencia Solorzano, PharmD