Patients may not be in a position to be active in their care and they may need to focus all their energy on getting well. 

This training is an in-depth, community-based training that will enable the patient’s family and friends to understand the role they play in patient safety as a support person or advocate. Programs run about hours and are usually done in two to three sessions. For private groups, Pulse can tailor this workshop to best meet your group’s needs. Classes are held for the public approximately 2-3 times a year. Fees for this training can be offered through sponsorship opportunities and there are reduced rates in special circumstances.  

An advocate is crucial to the patient's care. But what exactly does an advocate do? Who would make a good advocate?

The person who loves the patient most may not be the best advocate. His or her emotions may get in the way of good communication and helping in clear decision making.

Family-Centered Patient Advocacy Training will help prepare participants to be a patient safety advocate for one person or the whole family!

Please call for fees (516) 579-4711 or e-mail

*Participants must complete full class and pass test to receive certificate.

Topics Include:

Infection Prevention           Medication Safety              Surgery Safety                   Communication Skills

Health Literacy                   Advance Directives           Discharge Planning             Unconscious Bias

Seating is Limited!
Registration Required
Scholarships and reduced rates available
Call (516) 579-4711

Participants who receive a certificate may be listed on the Pulse CPSEA website for up to three years and will receive on-going support from our staff and experts.

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​*Certificate Program

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